Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hail Punany

Hail Punany!

When you see a listing for the Punany Poets in your area - hurry, grab a close friend or lover or mate and GO!  GO!  GO!

To see the show and become comforted in your sexual being and eroticized in your sexual spirit.  And ENOY.

Cancer of Love

I went to Ghettoville
Saw the Cancer of Love

She called my name and named my shame

In a house of erotic thrill

My vows are wasted here

Fair is but a medieval circus

Compassion is not on the menu

The pimps can smell my fear!

The perfect purrrrrr of pussycat sap

Unleash the tigress upon me

Who could resist, the grind of a feline

Bouncing upon on his lap?

Before I could think, wallet in my hand

Master charge me baby, while I text my wife

“Hi babe, playing racket ball at the club

Be an hour at most” the lies began

Don’t know how an hour became four

Duty shredded by her claws

If I am a trick, trick me again!

The husband is understood by the whore

I come with cash for the dirtiest dancer

And still there is bread on the table

For, I am a man, not addicted to love

But addicted to her cancer

This much I know is true

A wise man knows, he knows nothing at all

Even when you are pimpin’ your hardest

Someone is pimpin’ you

-by Jessica Holter, Punany Poets Founder