Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Art of Sustained Happiness

    During these times of economic distress there is an atmosphere of "have not".  Everyone seems to measure their own lack of with the "have not" of their neighbors.  This doom and gloom attitude can permeate the spirit.  We may forget about our fortunes and the good luck in our lives. 
    Perhaps like hundreds of thousands we lost the house to balloon real estate tactics; yet, we have another place to stay, food on the table, healthy household members.  For the moment those are our fortunes.  And we can be happy with spare fortunes.
     Even though happiness is a word or emotion that culture taught us is fleeting.  It comes and goes.  Over the years I have found that happiness can be sustained.  It is the outlook that is the key.  When that warm, bubbly and exciting feeling comes we can capture it.  Yes, capture the happy feeling, put in our minds, cherish it, don't let it slip away.  Visualize the happiness and keep going back to the feeling again and again.  As often as you like.  Keep the happiness inside and watch the glow sustain you.  Keep practicing and calling up happiness becomes a cinch.  Plus you can add other happy moments for a string of recalled happiness.
    During this period of Thanksgiving, practice the art of sustained happiness. Be creative and teach someone how to keep their happiness.  Share the techniques you develop and beware that happiness will envelope you.
     From my book  Marshmellow Softness and Rock Hard Taffy   (c)2011


There is a possibility
that is as big as
life itself.

A possibility that
goes as far as
the imagination.

A possibility that lifts and flies
outward to merge with
cosmic energy.

A possibility that
two people
such as you and I
can reach a peak
and travel
along a plane of
sustained happiness.

     May your sustained happiness carry you through the holiday.  And may you come to say, that for which you are thankful and happy.