Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hail Punany

Hail Punany!

When you see a listing for the Punany Poets in your area - hurry, grab a close friend or lover or mate and GO!  GO!  GO!

To see the show and become comforted in your sexual being and eroticized in your sexual spirit.  And ENOY.

Cancer of Love

I went to Ghettoville
Saw the Cancer of Love

She called my name and named my shame

In a house of erotic thrill

My vows are wasted here

Fair is but a medieval circus

Compassion is not on the menu

The pimps can smell my fear!

The perfect purrrrrr of pussycat sap

Unleash the tigress upon me

Who could resist, the grind of a feline

Bouncing upon on his lap?

Before I could think, wallet in my hand

Master charge me baby, while I text my wife

“Hi babe, playing racket ball at the club

Be an hour at most” the lies began

Don’t know how an hour became four

Duty shredded by her claws

If I am a trick, trick me again!

The husband is understood by the whore

I come with cash for the dirtiest dancer

And still there is bread on the table

For, I am a man, not addicted to love

But addicted to her cancer

This much I know is true

A wise man knows, he knows nothing at all

Even when you are pimpin’ your hardest

Someone is pimpin’ you

-by Jessica Holter, Punany Poets Founder

Monday, June 18, 2012


Welcome Back

I am welcoming myself back to the blogging world.  Many crises have occurred since I have last written in this space.

I have heard from many sources that God/dess will only allow the number of sorrows that can be handled.

Honestly, I beg to differ.

In our efforts to get close to another we let our guards down.

We begin to adore that person
Crave their company and touch
Think of them at odd moments
Create dreams including them
And always wish them well.

Whether child or adult, we love that someone and their welfare becomes our concern. We wish only good in their lives. Sometimes creating goodness.

Over the years of loving we become complacent and take for granted the phone call, the whispers, the jokes, the tears, the wholesomeness of giving and receiving love.

At age 49 my love of 30 years suddenly left this earth, congestive heart failure.  And just at the point when we were planning his 50th birthday party.  My goodness, life is not promised to us for always.  But we live as if this is forever land.  No apparent illness, healthy, still handsome (to me anyway), loving nature, expert at his job, and enjoying Mr. Rex (his other love, the dog).  The grief spread across the nation as we gathered his friends and family.

A hard taffy to swallow. 

No need to explain to you the pain.  One month later my dad passed.  He was 82 years old.  Touch and willing to travel to his Heaven.  Eager to see his parents and friends who ha travelled the road before him.

I spent a week by his bedside at the Veterans Hospital and he seemed concerned about leaving me.  Bright expressive eyes questioning my mood. A stroke ten years earlier left him without speech.  I did my best to reassure my dad that it was OK to travel the road of hard taffy.  With no choice, I let my dad go with promises of no pain by medical staff.

Promised.  I assured dad that

I would not forget nor stop loving him in our forever daughter and dad bond.  And so the rock hard taffy had surfaced once again.  I existed in a wretched stupor between the deaths of my love and my dad.

Finally I am able to feel again the marshmellow softness as the breeze of my love and my dad whisper that loving is a treasure that continues beyond death.  And so I welcome myself back to the bitter and the sweet recognition of Marshmellow Softness and Rock Hard Taffy.

Note that I am available for reading engagements in the USA

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Be My Valentine

One Day For Love, Valentine's Day

You can find all these expressions of love in Marshmellow Softness and Rock Hard Taffy.

With a birthday recently that puts my age closer to 60, the view of love is not as casual.  Sure, it is still emotional but not as binding as before.  Love is ageless, I think.  I mean we can experience love at any point of our lives.  Generally it seems we put on rose colored glasses that are sure to break with all that sunshiney glare of love.

Presented here are a few love poems that are examples of the contents of my above mentioned book.  My granny said, love is what you make it, however I have come to experience love as a 2-way street.  It takes the energy of more than one to be sustained.  And in my wisdom I have learned that sometimes love is seasonal.  And I can live with that while preparing for another love.

For T

I humble myself
before you
laugh and cry
and show you me
without fear or shame.
(comment - the ideal love is open and trusting)

Making Love

When we make love
all time stops.
There is no time,
no day,
no night,
no in-between time.
Colors sway, and blend into
a whirliwig,
when we make love.

When we make love
there is a blur of arms and legs
and fingers and toes
and lips and tongues
and kisses that unite,
when we make love.

When we make love
there is no you
or me,
one we become
when we make love.
(comment - describes the romance and fantasy of loving, sexual pleasure)

Say It

Say you love me,
mean it now, for this moment,
for moments passed
without love
for all the times
I've ached inside
to be in someone's arms.

Say you love me
even it it's only
when we make love
(comment - the modern day answer confuses love with sexual desires)

Disjointed Thoughts

Loving you
isn't always
but I know
our friendship
will never let us part.
Me loving you for what you are
I wind up disappointed  ...
Loving you
isn't always wonderful
there is no one else
I would rather love.
(comment - describes a seasoned, long term love)

AT almost 60 years of age, I remain open to the emotional charge generated by love.  To that end I will read original poetry themed Romance at the Art Gallery located at 2140 W. Fulton on February 11th, Saturday in Chicago, IL.  Program begins at 7:00pm.  $20 donation to charity.

*All poems in this blog are (c) 20ll by Joyce Marie Jones and may be found    Marshmellow Softness and Rock Hard Taffy      via my website or your local bookstore.