Friday, September 16, 2011

Love is like a Marshmellow

    Certainly we all have experienced the soft marshmellow affect of being in love.  You all know the feeling I am describing.  Everything is all hunky dorey and smiles and grins.  Generally the world is alright. This honeymoon period may include walks on the beach or in the forest or down the street.  It doesn't really matter where you walk, as long as you are together.
         This is a time when you abandon your friends.  Hey, you dont mean to but friends can understand.  You are getting to know someone who may be the future Ms, Mr, Mrs, Mz.  It takes time to wait by the phone, plan all those communions in cafes, groom your hair to perfection and try all that new brite teeth stuff.  It takes time to attempt a love connection.
         It appears that 7 out of 10 times there is no connection.  But the love connection is so important that we keep trying.  We say sorry to our friends and get back in the groove.  Looking for love. Trying to find the divine right mate, the one and only.
         When I ponder all those times I was chomping on the marshmellow of love I wonder if.  Sorry to say I cannot answer the what if question.  I can fondly recall long kisses with one.  Walking to the Dairy Queen nightly, with another.  Scrabble games I always won. Domino games I always lost.  Soft arguments and holding hands.  And wishing on many stars that someone was the one.
         Though many of not the right one has come and gone.  I enjoyed the process.  Looked forward to the new discovery of one person to another.  And even though sadness may have reigned after each one was not the one - I would not trade the experience.  When love was like a marshmellow, I roasted the heck out of it.

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